The Gratitude App

for Google Glass

Want to know how to be successful? Develop this simple habit.

Researchers from Harvard and Penn State Universities claim that happiness leads to success and not the other way around. Studies have shown that a great percentage of your day to day happiness is determined by factors that you can control, like how grateful you are. Writing down just three new things you are grateful for each day can improve your life significantly.

Instructions:The Gratitude App for Google Glass helps you maintain a high level of gratitude throughout the day, letting you feel happier and allowing you to perform at your best. Every hour a card is inserted into your timeline that asks “What are you grateful for?” Tap your touchpad to reply and speak a statement of gratitude (You need not reply immediately and you can go back and reply any time or not at all.) Use these moments to feel appreciation that can fuel your next hour of the day. Your statements will be recorded to your timeline. You can review them later to reflect upon your abundance of blessings and enjoy the sucesses that have emerged from your habits of gratitude.

Sign into your google plus account to begin using the Gratitude App. The app requires an internet connection. Please email comments to Your feedback can help us improve this app.